98% of early-stage entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to funding. This significantly limits their chances to realize their growth and innovation potential, create jobs and contribute to self-driven bottom-up economic development. With its funding and growth platform, Uncap aims to provide access to early-stage funding for every good founder in Africa, regardless of origin, educational background or gender. Through an automated, data-driven and scalable investment process, Uncap is able to invest in thousands of companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The due diligence process focuses primarily on measuring the entrepreneurial potential of the founders using an algorithm, which aims to de-bias the selection and lower the costs of the process significantly. Uncap then invests through an innovative revenue-sharing approach using highly standardized contracts, adapted to the local context. Investees receive further support through a personalized dashboard with access to real-time analytics of their accounting data, curated resources and trainings by local partners and follow-on funding.

Headquarters: Munich (Germany)

Founded: 2019

Website: www.unconventional.capital