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World Fund

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World Fund is a European VC investing in tech startups with the highest climate performance potential (CPP) because those companies will be the most valuable of the next decade. Their first question with regard to possible investments will always be: Can that tech solution save at least 100 megatons of CO2-equivalents in emissions per year? World Fund invests in the early and growth stages, looking at sectors such as energy (including manufacturing, construction, transportation), food, agriculture and land use.

Headquarter: Berlin

Founded: 2021


Civocracy SAS

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Civocracy works with governments and organisations at the local, regional, and national level, and empowers them to connect with their citizens and stakeholders to co-create projects and policies on subjects people care about. 

Their mission is to create better citizens, equipping them with a purpose-built digital tool.

Headquarters: Lyon

Founded: 2016


Green City Solutions GmbH

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More than half of humanity is currently living in cities – with numbers growing. If cities were the living space of the future – wouldn’t it be nice to integrate nature? 

Air is our most important resource within the cities; however it is often so polluted, that breathing will actually harm our health. Green City Solutions is working on a future, in which fresh air in urban areas is available to everyone. For that reason, they have developed the world’s first bio-tech filter for quantifiably better air quality: The CityTree.

Headquarters: Bestensee (Berlin)

Founded: 2014


VivoSensMedical GmbH

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The vision of VivoSensMedical is to improve diagnostics in women’s health and to set new standards for gynecology, reproductive and sexual medicine. Based on 40 years of medical research, the Leipzig-based company has developed a platform technology for individual diagnostics based on the biomarker body core temperature and has launched its first product OvulaRing in the field of women’s health. OvulaRing is a patented and certified medical product for precise cycle diagnostics at the interface between patient and doctor. It can be used independently by the woman to optimize conception in the event of an unfulfilled desire to have children or to support natural contraception. The doctor can use OvulaRing for individual cycle diagnostics enabling her/him to initiate personalized and therefore more successful therapies.

Headquarters: Leipzig

Founded: 2011



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AMERIA is the world’s leading provider of touchfree customer interfaces that are fun for customers and deliver valuable data for businesses.

The Heidelberg-based company’s cloud-based, touchfree technology wows customers at the touchpoint with entertaining content and is unique in combination with seamless end-2-end integration into AMERIA’s software ecosystem – the Connected Experience®. The ecosystem enables the collection and analysis of customer data and the creation and distribution of content.

In addition to a complete end-to-end solution with a life-size screen as a touchpoint – the Virtual Promoter – AMERIA can retrofit existing (touch) screens with gesture control and the Connected Experience®. Also further touchpoints (Beacons, AR, VR) can be operated centrally with AMERIA’s software.

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Heidelberg