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Goodwell Investments BV (Goodwell IV)

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Goodwell Investments is an impact investment firm committed to the development of an inclusive economy in underserved countries. A pioneering equity investor in the inclusive finance space in India, it is now considered one of the most active early-stage investors on the African continent. Its current fund, uMunthu, invests in scalable businesses that improve access to basic goods and services for underserved people in Sub-Saharan Africa. The uMunthu fund provides smart equity to high potential companies in financial services, food and agriculture, mobility and logistics, and other inclusive growth sectors, with a strong focus on the digital economy. With teams in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the Netherlands, and a track record of over 10 years, Goodwell demonstrates the ability to simultaneously deliver powerful social impact and strong financial returns.

Headquarters: Amsterdam

Founded: 2006


Planet-A Ventures

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Planet A is an early-stage green tech venture fund started by founders for founders. They believe in the power of entrepreneurship and science to advance an economy that serves the people and the planet. 

That is why Planet A supports founders building innovative, impact-driven companies that contribute to an economy operating within the planetary boundaries from day one. Planet A provides early-stage capital and mentoring to highly scalable companies – while scientifically forecasting the positive ecological impact of every investment / portfolio company as our central metric of success.

Headquarter: Hamburg (Germany)

Founded: 2020


World Fund

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World Fund is a European VC investing in tech startups with the highest climate performance potential (CPP) because those companies will be the most valuable of the next decade. Their first question with regard to possible investments will always be: Can that tech solution save at least 100 megatons of CO2-equivalents in emissions per year? World Fund invests in the early and growth stages, looking at sectors such as energy (including manufacturing, construction, transportation), food, agriculture and land use.

Headquarter: Berlin

Founded: 2021